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Enjoy with a private car! Karuizawa standard sightseeing spot tour (long course)

★Karuizawa local crew will guide you to the standard tourist spots in Karuizawa ♫
★Golden course for sightseeing in Karuizawa from Old Karuizawa to Old Usui Pass, Shiraito Falls, and Hoshino area♫
★This is a private vehicle, so you can depart and get off from your desired location ♫


Harunire Terrace Exterior ③Fresh green jpg.jpg

21,500 yen (for 2 people)

14,500 yen (for 3-4 people )

11,500 yen (for 5 or more people)

* Participation fee per person. Includes private vehicle , tourist information provided by the crew , toll road fees, insurance fees, and taxes.

2 people ~

All year round

Approximately 5 hours

Until 2 days before the desired date

Desired location within Karuizawa town

Karuizawa Town → Old Karuizawa Area (car window) → Shaw Memorial Chapel → Usui Pass (Miharashidai/Kumano Kodai Shrine) → St. Paul's Catholic Church → Shiraito Falls → Hoshino Area (Harunire Terrace) → Kumoba Pond → Karuizawa Town

・Departure and arrival locations, start times, and itinerary will be arranged according to your request.

・The private vehicle will be a sedan type (up to 4 people) or a van type (more than 5 people) from a local taxi company.

・English-speaking crew members can also be arranged.

For tour inquiries and applications, please send using the form below.

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