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~Visiting the post towns of Karuizawa~ Nakasendo road walking trip

★Walk through the Nakasendo post towns of Karuizawa, Karuizawa-juku, Kutsukake-juku, Oiwake-juku, and the former Usui Pass with a dedicated guide ♫
★You can freely set the walking course according to your requests, such as the required time and physical fitness level ♫
★It is also possible to tour around the area quickly and efficiently by using a rental bicycle or E-bike ♫



From 5,500 yen

*Participation fees vary depending on the course and number of participants.

2 people ~

All year round

Approximately 2 hours~

Until 5 days before the desired date

According to your wishes within Karuizawa town

Departing from Shinano Oiwake Station → Oiwake-juku Local Museum/Sengen Shrine → Stroll around Oiwake-juku (Takafuda, Aburaya, Sendou-ji Temple, Burakure Monument, etc.) → Nakasendo 69th Museum (following the 69 inns of Nakasendo in order) Tour the only museum in Japan where you can enjoy traveling with commentary from the curator) → Disband on site

*The above is an example of a course around Oiwake-juku.

The itinerary will be arranged according to your request.

​・It is also possible to arrange a course that goes from Old Karuizawa to Annaka-juku on the Gunma Prefecture side via the old Nakasendo, or a course that goes around Iwamurata-juku in Sakudaira, Mochizuki-juku, Ashida Juku, Wada-juku, etc.

For tour inquiries and applications, please send using the form below.

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