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Visiting Karuizawa's two famous waterfalls, "Shiraito Falls and Ryugaeshi Falls" ♪ Shinanoji Down Trekking


★ Walk along the approximately 7.5km Shinanoji nature trail from Minenochaya in Kita Karuizawa to Kose Onsen ♫
★ On the way, we will stop at Karuizawa's famous waterfalls "Shiraito Falls" and "Tatsugaeshi Falls" ♫
★ Almost the entire route is downhill, so even those who are not physically fit can participate ♫


8,500 yen (2 people participating)

6,500 yen (3 to 5 people participating)

4,500 yen (6 or more participants)

*Participation fee per person . Includes exclusive guide, insurance fee, and tax .

2 people ~

March to November

About 3,5 hours


Kita Karuizawa/Minochaya (approx. 30 minutes by car or bus from Karuizawa Station)

Mine no Chaya → Trekking along the Shinanoji nature trail (Shiraito Falls to Ryugaeshi Falls) approximately 3 hours ⇒ Kose Onsen

・Start time will be arranged according to your request.

・For the return trip, please take the Kusakaru Kotsu bus from Kose Onsen to Karuizawa Station. It is also possible to arrange a shuttle car.

・English guides and Chinese assistants can also be arranged.

・Please also refer to this website for information on the Shinanoji Nature Trail.

For tour inquiries and applications, please send using the form below.

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