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Visit Karuizawa's power spots and scenic views by private car! Special lunch at the teahouse "Shigenoya" on the mountain pass and the original Chikara Mochi from the mountain pass.

★Visit the scenic spots "Usui Pass/Miharashidai", "Shiraito Falls", "Kumoba Pond" and the power spots "Kumano Kodai Shrine" and "Shiraito Falls" ♫
★Special lunch from the teahouse "Shigenoya" on the mountain pass (wild vegetable soba + chikaramochi from the mountain pass + souvenir tenugui) is included ♫
★We will pick you up and drop you off in a private car for each section, so you can tour around the area efficiently in a limited amount of time♫



8,500 yen (2 people participating)

6,000 yen (3 participants)

5,000 yen (5 or more participants)

*Participation fee is per person. Includes shuttle service for each section, lunch at Shigenoya, toll road fees, insurance fees, and taxes.

2 people ~

All year round

Approximately 3.5 hours ~

Until 5 days before the desired date

Karuizawa Station North Exit

Karuizawa Station → (Private car transfer) → Usui Pass (Shigenoya lunch, Kumano Kotai Shrine, free walk around the observation deck about 100 minutes) → (Private car transfer) → Shiraito Falls (free walk about 30 minutes) → (Private car transfer ) → Kumoba Pond (get off and disperse)

*About 25 minutes walk from Kumoba Pond to Karuizawa Station

Start time will be arranged according to your request.

・It is possible to change the departure location to a location of your choice within town, but additional charges may apply depending on the distance.

・The shuttle cars for each section are not the same. Please take your baggage with you and get off the bus. If you have large luggage, please use the coin lockers or baggage storage at Karuizawa Station. Free tours are available at each stop.

・If you have an allergy, you can change the soba noodles for lunch to udon noodles.​

For tour inquiries and applications, please send using the form below.

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