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~Experience the villa culture and history of Karuizawa~ Walking around the town of Old Karuizawa

★ Leisurely walk along the paths of Old Karuizawa that are not listed in guidebooks ♫
★We will guide you to historic buildings such as St. Paul's Catholic Church and Shaw Memorial Chapel♫
★The entire route is flat, so people of all ages and genders can participate ♫


Show house memorial hall.jpg

3,500 yen

* Participation fee per person. Includes exclusive guide, insurance fee, and tax.

2 people ~

All year round

Approximately 2 hours

Until 3 days before the desired date

Old Karuizawa Rotary (Old Karuizawa Ginza entrance)

Old Karuizawa Rotary → St. Paul's Catholic Church → (Waterwheel Road) → Shaw Memorial Chapel / Shaw House Memorial Hall → (Shaw Street - Saisei Road) → Muro Saisei Memorial Hall → (Voley's Lane - Tennis Court Street) → Karuizawa Meeting Hall / Union Church / Karuizawa Kai Tennis Court → Hatta Villa → Old Karuizawa Rotary

・Start time will be arranged according to your request.

・Courses can be arranged according to your wishes. Depending on the season, you can only visit the exterior.

・We can also arrange a shuttle to the meeting place.

・English guides and Chinese assistants can also be arranged.

For tour inquiries and applications, please send using the form below.

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