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Nakasendo & Abt Road Abandoned Railway Walk - Old Usui Pass, Megane Bridge, Sakamoto-juku -


★Walk from the old Usui Pass to Sakamoto-juku on the Gunma Prefecture side, passing the old Nakasendo and the abandoned railway site ``Apt no Michi'' where the Shinetsu Main Line new line once ran.♫
★At Kyu-Usui Pass, we will also tour the spectacular “Miharashidai” and Karuizawa’s best power spot “Kumano Kodai Shrine” ♫
★On the way, you can also see the beautiful brick arch bridge “Meganebashi”, which is a nationally important cultural property ♫


7,500 yen (4-7 people participating)

5,500 yen (8 or more participants)

*Participation fee per person. Includes exclusive guide and insurance fee.

From 4 people

March to November

About 4,5 hours

Until 5 days before the desired date

Old Usui Pass/Miharashidai (approx. 15 minutes by car from Karuizawa Station)

Gathering at the Old Usui Pass and Miharashidai → Miharashidai and Kumano Kodai Shrine → Old Nakasendo Walk ~ Meganebashi ~ Abt Road / Abandoned Railway Walk → Sakamoto-juku → Yokogawa Station disbanded

The itinerary will be arranged according to your request.

・Please take a taxi from Karuizawa Station (approximately 15 minutes) to the meeting point at the observation deck, or use the red tour bus .

・For the return trip, you can take the JR bus from Yokogawa Station back to Karuizawa Station, or you can arrange a shuttle.

For tour inquiries and applications, please send using the form below.

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